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Some experienced, skilled post-Master's social workers are having difficulty passing the LMSW and LCSW exams. Sometimes people take the exam multiple times and don't pass. This is an expensive and severely frustrating experience; these social workers feel totally demoralized by this process.

For people who don't pass the exam, their chances of passing the next time go down each time they take the exam. I believe this happens because folks lose their self-confidence, become fatalistic (I'll never pass, I'm not a good social worker) and/or they develop severe anxiety.

Before you take the exam again, get some assistance! Don't take it again before you are 99% sure you can pass! Why is this happening? All of the social workers I've helped are smart and knowledgeable and are good practitioners.

  1. But they may not know the tools to take a standardized exam, or,
  2. English is their second language, or
  3. There may be a learning issue or a comprehension difficulty, or
  4. Folks become so frustrated that they become severely anxious and can't think in the test situation.

I find all of these social workers really know most of the content.

Other recent grads sometimes need some guidance in taking the exam for the first time. Or, those taking the LCSW want to brush up before they sit for the exam.


I work individually and with small groups only because I feel large prep classes don't reach those having difficulty or those who feel unsure of themselves.‚Äč

  • Before I meet with you, I will talk to you on the phone about what experiences with the exam you have had so far. I then ask you to take an online full length practice exam to develop a baseline score.
  • When we meet I will use this exam and what you say to assess how to help
  • We will develop individualized plan
  • Strategize to implement a study plan
  • Self directed work between sessions is an integral component
  • Study strategies
  • Vital test-taking strategies
  • Practice applying test-taking strategies to sample test questions
  • Review of selected content (as necessary)
  • Help to cope with test-related stress .
  • I can meet with you in person or via the internet.